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RetroGameCave is the creator of the orginal  TRIO and DUO.



RGC power supplies accept input voltage between 100-240 VAC 60/50Hz and output the proper DC voltage required to run your console.  No Step-Down or Step-Up Transformer is needed.


Classic game consoles are 30+ years old and their power supplies are aging with them. Leaking dried out capacitors, burned diodes, and brittle transformers means gamers need replacement power supplies. The problem is most everything today is designed to be as cheap as possible without any regard to performance or reliability. Cheap power adapters out of China are underpowered, contain almost nothing in them, are electrically noisy, and unreliable. In 2011, RetroGameCave was born with a mission. To develop high quality premium power supplies for classic consoles. Using modern technology allows RetroGameCave's power supplies to run cool and effortlessly output clean power so you get clean video and sound. We invite you to try our power supplies and see why we have so many repeat customers and why many modders buy power suppliers from RetroGameCave.  

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RetroGameCave celebrates its 10th year !

RetroGameCave celebrates its 10th year !

This year's power supplies run cooler than ever before. We are so confident you will love them, that if you don't love your new RGC power supply, simply return it for a refund. Our power supplies meet the needs of today's gamers who want to add AV mods and of course use flash carts. Upgrading to a RetroGameCave power supply means your console and power supply run cool and reliable.  Stepping up to new fresh power supplies from RetroGameCave is one the best things you can do for your classic console and gaming experience.  

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