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GAME BATTERIES or Battery Install Service (Select from List)


We also offer professional battery replacement service!
USA customers can buy thebattery replacement service item from the list.
We'll email you directions of where to ship your cart for sevice mright after purchase.
We replace the battery with a new freash battery and ship it back with a 24 hour turn around.
If you need more than 2 carts serviced, email us at with a list of the games and what system its for.  We can invoice you with  the best price.
Service for more than 2 games ships back via PRIORITY Mail.
Save when you buy more.  * A great price on "Factory Fresh Batteries" with tabs ready for you to solder into your games with game-save feaure..  RGC sources game save batteries direct from the factory so you get the best price. What makes RGC special is RGC packs your new batteries with care. Each battery is tested before shipping and then shipped in non conductive foam block to ensure safe travel and no battery contact ever touches another battery contact in transit. .

Just remove that 30 year old battery , and solder in your new CR2032 3V.

* CR2032 3V
Type: CR2032 Battery
Chemistry: Lithium manganese
Rechargeable:No(single use)
Design: With 2 solder tabs
Voltage: 3V
Capacity: 210mAh

TRIO CHART PC-Engine Super SD System 3