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TRIO-M1CD1 10th Anniversary Edition


SEGA CD Model 1 owners only ---
CD-model1  +  GEN1 + 32X

RetroGameCave is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! This year, our Trio's and Duo's will be populated with the highest quality Nichicon capacitors. 

Power your 32x+Genesis+SegaCD1 with just one high quality power supply .
The RGC Trio produces clean power for all 3 consoles at the same time so you only see a nice clean image with clean hum-free audio and no rebooting.

** This unit is designed specifically for CD-model1 owners.
If you own a CD1 and CD2 or plan to own both, then you want the TM1 which supporets both CD units.

RETRO GAME CAVE created the orginal Trio and Duo.  Do not be fooled by  cheap fakes.
RGC has years invested in refining the Trio/Duo to be the best.  

Our new Trio runs cooler than ever with that same great performance.

RetroGameCave invented the original Trio back in 2011.

Every single TRIO passes rigorous inspection and testing ensuring the highest level of performance and quality control.  

* 1 year warranty - If your Trio has a problem within the 1st year, we will repair or replace it .
* Out of warranty repairs. If your cat chews up the cable, no problem contact us for repair services.
* Sonic Blue LED indicator
*  CLEAN Regulated DC Power
* Thermal Protection
* Over voltage Protection.
* Supports 100-240VAC 50/60hz  input (World compatible)
* Supports Genesis /  Mega-Drive, Sega CD / Mega-CD , 32X

The RGC Trio makes connection easy, efficient and worry free for your Sega 16-bit consoles.

TRIO CHART PC-Engine Super SD System 3