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CD-model1  owners: This is for you!
The RGC Trio makes connection easy, efficient and worry free for your Sega 16-bit consoles.
Power your 32x+Genesis+SegaCD with just one high quality power supply .
RETRO GAME CAVE created the original Trio and Duo back in 2011.  Do not be fooled by cheap fakes.
RGC has years invested in refining the Trio/Duo power supplies to be the best.

The RGC Trio produces clean power for all 3 consoles at the same time so you only see a nice clean image with clean hum-free audio and no rebooting.  
Our new Trio runs cooler than ever with that same great performance.

* 1 year warranty
* Sonic Blue LED indicator
* Clean regulated DC Power
* Thermal Protection
* Over voltage Protection.
* Cable Length from PSU to 1st plug =  5 feet
* Supports 100-240VAC 50/60hz  input (World compatible)
Supports Genesis /  Mega-Drive, Sega CD / Mega-CD , 32X

* Rugged connector housings
* Rugged strain relief.
* Heatsink for best heat dispersion
* Efficient voltage regulator
* Frontend+backend conditioning stages for noise free video and audio.
* All Nichicon capacitors high temp, long life.

TRIO CHART PC-Engine Super SD System 3