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RetroGameCave's professionally manuactured 32X to Genesis M1 AV jumper cable. Molded Connectors with proper U shaped pin pattern and a Ferrite Ring for added noise rejection.


Avoid cheap chinese 32X cables that short 5v to your Genesis from the 32X.

This can damage your console and cause eratic behavior.  Our cable is 100% safe and fully tested to ensure the highest level of quality control. 


Cheap cables improperly connect 5V to your Genesis console that can damage your console.


This Patch Cable is for the Sega Genesis Model 1 to Sega-32X  which allows you to easily connect your model 1 genesis to your 32X expansion module.  Each cable is the proper length, and is 5 volt safe - unlike other cables, these do not short circuit the voltage between your Genesis and your 32X resulting in improved graphics and longer system life nad proper operation. These cables DO NOT work on the smaller Genesis-2, or 3 consoles. Please check system compatibility before ordering.



    GEN1: 32X Patch / Link Cable (GEN1/MD1)

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