All Duo's and Trio feature Nichicon capacitors.


DUO32 PREMIUM PSU  -- Choose from M1 or M2 versions.

Many customers like to get the 32X insulator cap with this item, but some forget, so we added the option here to include the 32X insulator cap for a sweet deal. 

The insulator cap allows you to use your Duo32 with just your Genesis (32X disconnected)

This comes in very handy at times so its highly recommended. 

Do you love your 32X? Maybe you own a MEGASD so you don't need a Trio. 
You need the DUO32! Yup, this one is for all of you 32X fans who have no need for a Sega CD console.  RGC quality all set for your 32X+Genesis console.
Cable Length from PSU to 1st plug =  5feet

Input: 100-240VAC 60/50Hz

Output: 9V-3A


SKU: D32-M2