If your SEGA GENESIS CONSOLE DC inlet is cracked, broken, rusted or has other physiscal issue, you are a good candidate for this service.  Due to time constraints RGC is not taking random repair issues. We can replace specific parts like the DC inlet as is the case with this item.


** RetroGameCave will replace worn, rusty, cracked DC inlets.  Many times the solder joints are cracked from users pushing on the plug for the past 30 years. That of course is fixed too.

We will blow out the dust bunnies and bugs from your Console. 


Ship your working Genesis 2 to RetroGameCave.

We'll professionally install a new DC power inlet jack and ship it back to you Priority Mail. 

** This is not a console repair service.

** You are purchasing the installation of a new DC inlet into a Genesis 2. 

Turn around time is within 2 business days after it arrives @ RGC.

Purchase the service and you will receive an email shortly with directions where to ship your console.

DC Jack Replacement Service

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