This is the NEW NEOSD-PRO 5V PSU from RetroGameCave.

This new regulated PSU supports stock/unmodded Neo-Geo 5V AES consoles running a NEOSD_PRO Cart.

Also supports standard NeoSD-Cart and of course official NeoNeo carts. 

Fully tested for clean video and sound on a 5V Neo Geo + NEO-SD-PRO Cartridge. 

Supports NeoSD-Pro, NeoSD, Official ROM carts

This PSU has been tested on several standard stock 5V AES consoles + Neo-SD-Pro with no issues.  

UniBios should not pose any  issues.

Testers have been using this unit trouble free for months.


If you own a 5V Neo-Geo and a NeoSD-PRO Cartridge, you already know the NeoSD-PRO draws more than 3 amps and acts up when using a 3A  PSU. 


RGC is now offering a 5V6A version to give your NEOSD the current-headroom when it needs it.


* System Mods are not officially supported.

There are so many mods and modders we cannot be responsible for every mod and modders work..

Your Modder should purchase this PSU and test their mods with it for the best results.


How to know which power supply you need … 5V or 9V.

This PSU is for LOW serial #Neo Geo consoles.

There are 2 basic checks you can do.

# 1. Look at the label under your console. if its says propow, propow2, propow-ul, then you need this 5V power supply.

#2, Some used consoles out there had the shell replaced so if you bought the neo geo 2nd hand, you want to check under the hood.

Open your console.

Look in the lower left below the power switch.

The 5V Neo Geo is missing the voltage regulator and the coil.  

If you see the voltage regulator and coil in place, you have a 9V NeoGeo and need the 9V-PSU. .