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PC Power Cord Sold Separately. **Click to pull up the PC Power Cord if needed


Feature high-temp. , long-life, NICHICON Capacitors.


 Just plug it in and play. It's that easy. 

No step up or step down converter needed for any Retrogamecave power supply.



The NEW 2024 ULTRA makes connection easy, efficient and worry free for your consoles. 


Power your PC-Engine LT + IFU-30 with just one high quality power supply .
RETRO GAME CAVE created the orginal Trio's & Duo's.  Do not be fooled by  cheap fakes.

Only RetroGameCave's Trio uses high quality, high tempurature, long life Nichicon capacitors and premium components.

RGC has years invested in perfecting the Duo & Trio to be the best.
The RGC Trio produces clean power for your consoles at the same time so you only see a nice clean image with clear hum-free audio. 

Our new LT-Ultra runs cooler than ever with that same great performance.
Every single PSU passes rigorous inspection and testing ensuring the highest level of performance and quality control.  


* High Quality Nichicon High Temp., Long-Life Capacitors
* 1 year warranty 
* Sonic Blue LED indicator
*  Clean Regulated DC Power
* Thermal Protection
* Over voltage Protection. 
* Supports 100-127VAC 50/60hz 

PCE-LT ULTRA: (PRE-ORDER) (power-cord sold separately)

Out of Stock

  • We think you will love your RGC TRIO. If you don't love your new Trio, just return it within 7 days of receiving it and we'll refund the purchase price.  The Trio must be in NEW condition for resale. There is a long list of customers waiting to get a Trio.

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