RetroGameCave has a long history of Capacitor Replacement Service. This Service is returning to RGC by the end of January 2021.


Here's a list of what we do in this service package.

We will remove all 18 capacitors

Clean any leaking fluid from old capacitors from the pcb

If any traces are found to be damaged by leaking capacitors, those traces will be repaired.

Clean all capacitor pads prepped to receive new capacitors

Install 18 new long life quality capacitors


** Before purchasing the Turbo Express Capacitor Replacement Service, your unit must pass the test shown below in green.


This service is only available to USA customers.

If you live outside the USA, we will not abe to accept your TE for service. 


Please read the description to confirm if your T.E. qualifies for capacitor replacement. 

Does your TE make any audio/music at all and does your back-light work?
This is an important test to see if your TE can be repaired.
The TE has to be able to bootup with backlight working.

  1. Plug in head phones into your TE, crank the volume
  2. Insert a game, turn it on. Listen for any music or sound-effects. 
  3. Press the start button a few times listening for music if needed. 
  4. If you hear music, you know your console boots even if there's no video on screen.
  5. Next: Turn up the brightness and verify the back-light is working.

If you are not sure, turn out the room-lights and look for any glow in the screen.
If your back light is working and can hear music, your TE can very likely be repaired with capacitor replacement.


Purchase this service for your Turbo Express.

You will receive an email within 1 hour providing instructions of where to ship your T.E.

You will be notified when your T.E. arrives at RetroGameCave and again when it ships home.

Please note: If your T.E. passes the test listed above but in the rare event was found to be unrepairable, we will issue a refund minus the shipping cost.


If your T.E. does not pass the above test, your unit will be returned to you.

You will be issued a refund minus a $15 diagnotics-fee  and minus return shipping cost. 


Your TE will be packed very well and shipped home Priority Mail with tracking.

RetroGameCave is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged pacakages.

Please keep this in mind before purchasing this service .