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RetroGameCave is the Creator of the Original TRIO

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Clean DC power

Energy Efficient

Reliable Design

Noise free video and audio

Blue LED indicator shows proper operation

Rugged Shell

6 ft Reach *

In 2010, RetroGameCave set out to provide the best quality power supplies for aging classic gaming consoles. Today RetroGameCave has a strong reputation in the gaming community and is well known for our high quality, premium performance power supplies, and customer service.

RGC PSU's are high quality, regulated clean power supply units designed specially for use with the intended console.   All RetroGameCave PSU's are assembled & tested at RetroGameCave in the USA. Every PSU is fully tested on the intended hardware to ensure the highest level of quality control. 


You can contact us 24/7.  We respond within 1-24 hours in most cases. 

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