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Customer Comments


I just wanted to say thank you! I recently acquired a JVC X-Eye that came with the incorrect power supply - glad I checked. Thankfully, I read about you all on a forum from years ago, did a quick search, and got the last X-Eye power supply you had in stock. Works great, and you saved me a ton of time and money trying to track down an OEM! Keep up the great work - your contributions to the community are much appreciated. Cheers!

-Mike July 29, 2021


"Just wanted to say WOW!
I have dealt with all these freaking sega adapters for years and always a pain to see what adapter worked best plugged into what unit. 32x games played decently with a specific adapter and full of video noise with others. Same with the genesis and cd. - Just tried your Trio M2 and never have I seen video as clean (using crappy composite) on my systems. Glad I [also] ordered my Turbo Duo and Duo R adapters and cannot wait from them to arrive!"

- Victor (April 9, 2020)


"Love my RGC PSUs"

David  (Facebook)


I have a trio for my Genesis/32X/SegaCD and a Retro Game Cave Jaguar power supply and they are excellent. Small, convenient and high quality. Two thumbs way up.

-Toney (Facebook)


 I ordered [a SuperGrafx PSU] a few months ago and love it. After spending way too much on [obtaining] a SuperG + a SSDS3 there was no way I was plugging in a 30 year old power block.

- Jennings (Facebook)

I received the JVC X'Eye AC Adapter from you and I am in love. The build quality is great and yet the cable is so lightweight! It provides me with a great video signal with no unnatural interference. I had serious video interference problems with a universal 9.5v 1.5a cable that was recommended online. The RGC cable I found accidentally and it is a miracle. Anyone looking for a JVC X'Eye cable (which are harder to find than the system itself) NEEDS to buy this cable, now. You will not be disappointed.

- Tom Pearson
I received my Trio M2 Yesterday along with power strip adapter, and it works flawlessly. It truly does it's job well by minimizing clutter, simplifying setup, and just generally looking good. My friend is super pleased with his as well. It really is a no brainer for any Sega Genesis Enthusiast or Collector.  Thank you again for a quality product that adds so much to this classic system.
-Chris June 2013
I just wanna say I've been playing for about a month now with my Trio power adapter, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I think it is supplying cleaner power to the systems (the model 1 base system was using a 3rd party power supply prior to this) and the picture quality has actually noticeably improved. I haven't experienced a single hiccup at all between using regular carts, 32x carts, Sega CD games, or even cd-32x games, and the Sega CD addon is notorious for being extremely problematic when it comes to clean power and power spikes, etc. with it having a tendency of blowing fuses often (hasn't even been replaced, still running on the original fuse)
Your product is extremely well made, and I highly recommend it to anyone I know that has a Sega setup or an interest in putting one together. Thanks again!
I received my Trio and let me just say, that is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I posted about it on Facebook and all my gamer friends have been asking about it nonstop. I've directed all of them to your site but unfortunately for them, the trios sold out very quickly. This was well worth the money to be able to ditch those bulky power supplies and use just one. I can't thank you enough for the trio. Its beyond awesome. Thank you.
Just wanted to say how great this [TRIO] power supply is. My friends would always make fun of me when I brought over my genesis with its add-ons. The inconvenience of the cords was unbearable, but not any more!  I will never disassemble the system again!  Thanks :)
Just wanted to let you know I received the Trio today and it's perfect! Thank you very much!
Got a Sega CDX with the wrong power supply and luckily found Retro Game Cave and got the correct power supply. Works like a charm! Plus the owner was very helpful and a pleasure to deal and do business with!
I purchased a Sega CDX system years before. Sadly it was missing the power supply. Prices for a replacement can be as high as $35. I purchased the CDX power supply from Retro Game Cave for half that. I am amazed by the quality of the power supply. It came quickly, was well packaged and works great. Thank you!
"The power supply is working great. This is one of the best investments I've made for my Genesis and Sega CD. Not having to deal with those bulky wall warts is a dream come true! I plan to order more stuff from you soon! thanks again."
Love my model 1 Trio, by the way! cleared so much space.
I did some testing [using an X-RGB unit] this afternoon with the Sega Trio M2, and from what I've tested, it seems fine. I did a test with the 32x, the genesis and the Sega CD. 
"Awesome! I will be sure to grab one of those dual power supplies for the Sega model 1 and CD setup. :) 
Glad you guys are here for people like us!"  
"...I have literally been unable to find replacement adapters for any of my vintage consoles that match either my "Trio M1" or "Turbo Duo adapter".  Seriously, the Trio stays cooler than just one of my old sega adapters, and has no crazy hum! amazing! 

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