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RetroGameCave will carry this PSU again as soon as possible.

We are developing a new connector just for the Atari 7800.  


If you have a dead Atari 7800 power supply you have the option of sending in just the DC connector/cable to us. You would need to cut the cable off at the AC Adapter to preserve cable length. We will professionally install  your old DC cable into a new premium RGC power supply with a nice discount to make it worth your time.  Contact us if interested.


RetroGameCave's Premium Atari 7800 PSU supports all Audio/Video Mods.
Premium RGC PSU's are high quality, regulated clean power supply units designed specifally for use with the intended console.

Output: 9V/2A

  • Input: 100-240VAC 60/50Hz
  • Output: 9V/2A

* 5 ft  proprietary Atrari 7800 Cable
* Supports video and audio mods.
* Reliable design
* Clean power
* Runs cool


SKU: A7800
Out of Stock
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