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PC Power Cord Sold Separately. **Click to pull up the PC Power Cord if needed


We see all too often that CMVS consoles come with low quality power supplies.

We know the power supply is a very important part of a console's  performance.

Even our CMVS hardware purchased from a high-end CMVS maker came with a horrid power supply which was unstable and could not run the NEO-SD cart. 


** Check the polaity of your CMVS. Since CMVS units are custom, we cannot control the polarity used by your builder. In our experience virtually all use "center positive" polarity. 


RetroGameCave is now providing a premium high quality power supply sporting famous Nichicon capacitors and other high end components generating a rock solid regulated  5VDC with up to 6Amps of headroom. This means your Neo Geo Consolized MVS (CMVS) (assuming it was built by a competent builder) will run the NEO-SD-PRO and any special video outputs your CMVS might have .  


  • Nichicon capacitors (High quality, name-brand, high-temp, long life)
  • Input: 100-127V
  • Output: 5VDC / 6A  (Up to 6 Amps)
  • Polarity = Center Positive / Outer Barrel Negative


This is the NEW CMVS NEO GEO NEOSD-PRO 5V PSU by RetroGameCave.


** Please check your CMVS to confirm it needs 5V ONLY.

** This PSU's DC connector is 5V Center Positive which is the most common among CMVS creators. 

** This PSU is only for use with CMVS consoles using a center positive 5V DC power input. 

** Do NOT use this PSU with the HOME AES NEO-GEO Console.


If you own  or plan to own a NeoSD Pro cartridge, you probably already know if you use this cartrdge with a standard power supply you will see random resets, glitches on screen, failure to load games, & freezing. RetroGameCave set out to create a premium Neo-Geo 5v PSU that can handle the demands of the "Neo-SD_Pro" cartridge and some mods you might have as well.


RGC's new regulated PSU supports Neo-Geo 5V CMVS consoles running a NEOSD_PRO Cart.  Also supports the NeoSD-standard-Cart and of course all official SNK NeoNeo carts.  Fully tested for clean video and sound on a 5V MVS Neo Geo hardware that's been consolized. 


If you own a CMVS and a NeoSD-PRO Cartridge, you already know the NeoSD-PRO draws more than 3 amps and acts up when using a 3 or even a 4A PSU. RGC's new 5V6A version gives your NEOSD the current-headroom when it needs it.


Quick Tip: Voltage is provided, but current (amps) is drawn by the console. This means it's ok for your PSU to have a higher current rating. When it does, the console still only draws the amount of current it needs but it's limited by the max current rating on the PSU. If your PSU has a current rating that's too low (3A), and the console needs 4A for a few seconds,  the console cannot draw more than 3A (max rating) when needed and fails to operate properly. Increasing the "current head room" allows the console to draw more current from the PSU when it needs it but it only pulls what it needs, when it needs it. 


* System Mods are not officially supported, but mods should not ever need more than 6 Amps. How each Modder implements their mods is critical to a well designed CMVS. There are so many mods and modders out there we cannot be responsible for every modder's work. Your Modder should purchase this PSU and test their mods with a quality power supply for the best results.

We test our CMVS power supply on a CMVS created by Neotropolis. 



There are a lot of CMVS makers out there.

A small few CMVS makers use 12V power supplies. 

Example: CBOX MVS uses a 12V PSU.

Nearly all others require a 5VDC PSU 

Check your CMVS power input to be sure it supports 5V Center Postitive. 







CMVS PSU ( Neo Geo Consolized MVS) (NeoSD Friendly) NICHICON

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