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This is RGC's  power supply for your  "TWIN FAMICOM" and "SHARP TWIN FAMICOM"

No step-up or step-down transformer needed.


* We now offer a new Nichicon Edition alongside the Classic Edition which everyone loves. The new Nichicon Edition is the same as the classic but sports high end Nichicon capacitors from Japan. Aside from the capacitor upgrade, both units are identical. The classic uses high temp generic capacitors that we've used for years with no issues.  Lots of customers love Nichicon and rightfully so as they are the best capacitor on the market. 


Perfect for owners of the MEGA SD or Ever-Drive.

  • RGC Quality power supply.
  • Output: 9V/2A

This is our new premium power supply for the Model 1 Genesis (or MegaDrive)

This is perfect you if you demand the very best performance, durability. 

  • RGC Genesis / Mega Drive Model 1 PSU
  • 6ft CABLE
  • 6 ft cable with right angle plug so your console can site close the wall without bending the cable.
  • * High efficiency and low operating temperature.
    * Short-circuit protection
    * Over-temperature protectionoverload protection.
    * 100% full-load testing. 
    * Every single power supply is tested on the intended console
    * Premium EMI fiter built inside every PSU




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