New plug design specific to the X-Eye's deep power inlet.

Other seller's plugs don't fit deep enough for the X-Eye. RGC's dc connector fits perfectly. 

Output : 9.5VDC  / Up to 2 AMPS (2000mA)

This PSU won't break a sweat doing running your X-Eye, even if you have an RGB and triple bypass mod.

You will love this PSU. If you don't love it, simply return it for a refund. 


The X-Eye has an unusually deep power inlet so RGC has a special plug that fits perfectly  in the X-Eye console's power inlet.  


Premium RGC PSU's are high quality, regulated clean power supply units designed specifically for use with the intended console.


* 6 ft cable

* Clean Power, Noise free video and audio.

* RGC quality you expect from us.