Just plug it in and play. It's that easy. 

No step up or step down converter needed for any Retrogamecave power supply.


Our ProPow3 has plenty of current reserve to run your NeoSD-PRO Cart.

  • 9V version
  • 6 ft cable
  • Right angle connector
  • LED status indicator
  • Output: 9V/3A
  • Works perfect with Japan or USA or EU Neo Geo consoles.
  • Nichicon capacitors (High quality name-brand, high-temp, long life)
  • Input: 100-127V/60HZ (US/CANADA)
  • Output: 9VDC / 6A  (Up to 3 Amps)
  • All regions of "9V" Neo Geo Consoles are supported.


Do not buy this unit if your Neo Geo says PROPOW - (that's the 5v Neo Geo).

Check your console bottom to be sure it says PROPOW-3 (9V version).


How to be 100% sure you need the 9V power supply.  (See photos in photo-section)

Remove the cover. The power section is at the bottom left near the reset button. You should see a large coil and power regulator (looks like a power transister) If these parts are missing, you need a 5V Neo Geo Power Supply. Contact with attached photos of your console main board if you have any questions.


9V Neo Geo AES POWER SUPPLY (NeoSD-PRO Friendly) (PP3)

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