Unlike the competition, our power supplies will not degrade video or sound.


In most cases, this NES PSU will improve your video by reducing the noise caused by the aging power capacitors inside your NES. 


The NES OEM PSU outputs AC and then converts it into DC  inside the NES. 


The RGC PSU skips the needs for those aging capacitors inside your NES by outputting clean DC from the start. This is perfectly safe and because it's clean DC from brand new high-temp, long-life capacitors, your video quality can be improved by cleaning up video noise you might see now or later on as the internal power capacitors age. 


RetroGameCave recommends replacing all electrolytic capacitors in every console, but this PSU will clean up video noise until you get around to recapping your NES. 


RGC power supplies generate clean dc power for noise free video and audio.


You have 2 options. HIGH DEF NES users should consider the nichicon version.

  • Nichicon Capacitors

  • 9V/UP TO 2A design runs your HIDEFNES with ease.

  • 6ft DC cable

  • Right Angle DC connector

  • Works great with a stock NES too!

  • Input: 100-240VAC 60/50Hz

  • Output: 9V/2A


RGC Premium Quality PSU for your 8-BIT NES NINTENDO.

Full support for stock NES consoles and also supports Hi-Def NES Modded consoles.

Supports both Front Loader and USA Top Loader.

Premium RGC PSU's are high quality, regulated clean power supply units designed specifically for use with the intended console. 



$34.99 Regular Price
$32.99Sale Price