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Only high quality Nichicon and TDK capacitors


  • The Sega 32X is well known for its poor video signal quality.

  • Some units exhibit serious video noise.

  • Kevtris shared that the fix requires swapping two capacitors: C17 and C30 with higher µF values. 

  • RetroGameCave has installed the fix on our 32X units and the results are impressive.

  • If you see video noise while using your 32X, you want to install the 32x video fix-kit. 

  • The results are so impressive, RetroGameCave recommends that everyone perform this fix for the cleanest most reliable video signal from the 32X output.

  • This kit comes complete with color instruction sheet and clear photos from our personal install of this kit.

  • RetroGameCave provides only high quality name brand capacitors.


32X Video Noise Fix Kit

SKU: 32X Video Fix Kit
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