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Unlike the competition, our power supplies will not degrade video or sound. RGC power supplies generate clean dc power for noise free video and audio. This RGC PSU is designed to work for all Turbo-Duo Owners.  Weather you have a stock Turbo-Duo or a PCE-Duo (black), or if you have a modded Duo with RGB, Region Mod, or running an EverDrive, you will love our Power Supply.


This PSU is for the USA Turbo Duo and the PC-Engine Duo BLACK/Orginal.

" NOT for the  WHITE PCE-Duo-R/RX. Please see DUO-R/RX listing.

For your Turbo Duo or Black PCE Duo.
Special 6 ft heavy duty  cable
Proper connector the USA TURBO-DUO and the Japanese PCE-BLACK-DUO. 

NOT for the WHITE Duo-R or Duo-RX
If you have a DUO-R/RX, check this site for the DUO-R/RX PSU in a different listing.


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