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Retrogamecave's NEW  NeoSD-PRO 5V PSU doubles the current maximum from 3 Amps to 6 Amps  so this PSU can  easily  run your  NEOSD-PRO  plus  any MODS your console might have today or in the future such as HDMI out mods, etc.

This is RetroGameCave’s NEW power supply just for owners of the NEOSD-PRO.

If you own a NEO SD (standard edition) then you can purchase the regular version in a different item list on the site as 5V3A PROPOW.

If you own a NEOSD-PRO this unit is for you. This new PSU produces the clean noise-free power you expect from RetroGameCave products. Its tested on a 5V Neo Geo and verified to produce a clean noise free imaqge and clear audio.  

* Rated @ 5V-6A
* Under load, the new PSU will produce a full 5VDC and provide all the current demanded by the NEO SD PRO with room to spare.

* Power Indicator
* Only for  5V Neo Geo Consoles.
How to know which power supply to buy.
This PSU is for LOW serial # consoles.
There are 2 basic checks you can do.

# 1. Look at the label under your console. if its says propow, propow2, propow-ul, then you need this 5V power supply.

#2, Some used consoles out there had the shell replaced so if you bought the neo geo 2nd hand, you want to check under the hood. Click the photo series to see images.

Open your console.
Look in the lower left below the power switch.
The 5V Neo Geo is missing the voltage regulator and the coil.  
If you see the voltage regulator, you have a 9V neo geo and need the propow3-psu.

TRIO CHART PC-Engine Super SD System 3