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Atari 2600 PSU Premium GameShow Edition

$32.99 (Sold out)

Atari 2600 Power Adapter: Game Show-Edition

* 6 ft  Premium Cable
* Supports both Atari 2600 Standard and Jr. Editions.
* Plenty of  current reserve to support video mods that need extra current  from the PSU.
* Reliable design
* Excellent noise filtering
* Runs cool all day.

RGC releases its new PSU for the infamous Atari 2600.

Atari's OEM power supply was well known to be its weakest link as it commonly died if left plugged in.
Back in the 80's we had to replace our Atari PSU several times.

The RGC  A2600 power adapter can be left plugged in and running all day and never break a sweat.
** The A2600 features a premium 6 foot DC cable. Cick the photo for a closer look.

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