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If you are a Collector of Official New Geo Carts, this power supply is for you. Rated @ 5V 3A  , this PSU fully supports all official Neo Geo carts.
This PSU does not officially support NEO_SD carts which draw more current than official neo geo carts.

This PSU is fully tested and confirmed by RetroGameCave to work perfectly with official Neo Geo carts.
RetroGameCave has tested this power supply using 41 different official Neo Geo titles / carts.  

* This power supply does "not officially" support the standard Neo-SD Cart and "does not support" the Neo Geo SD PRO cart. - Both NEO SD and SDPRO draw more current (amps) than official carts.

Most standard Neo SD owners have been able to use this power supply, but its not officially supported for this power supply.

NeoSD_PRO owners have consistently NOT been able to use this power supply and many  PRO owners have reported issues even with their OEM 5V power supply.

** Retro Game Cave will be releasing a "NEO-SD friendly" "5V power supply" this summer 2020.
** Please email us if you are waiting for the  "NEO-SD friendly" PSU.
* Output: 5V-3A
* Power Indicator
* Right Angle plug
* Supports  All standard Neo Geo Cartridges.
How to know which power supply to buy.
This power supply is for LOW serial #'s.
There are 2 basic checks you can do.

# 1. Look at the label under your console. if it says propow, propow2, propow-ul, then you need this 5V power supply.

#2, Some used consoles out there had the shell replaced so if you bought the neo geo 2nd hand, you want to check under the hood.  click the photo series to see images of both with and without a regulator.

Open your console.
Look in the lower left below the power switch.
The Neo Geo that needs this 5V power supply is missing the voltage regulator and the coil.  
If you see the voltage regulator, you have a 9V neo geo and need the propow3.

TRIO CHART PC-Engine Super SD System 3