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Fully Tested using a Neo Geo 5V console and a NEOSD_PRO.

If you own a NEOSD-PRO or a NEOSD Standard Edition, and a 5V Neo Geo, this unit is for you. Retro Game Cave's NEW  NeoSD-PRO 5V PSU increases the current maximum to 4amps so it can  easily  run your  NEOSD-PRO.

** Your System Mods are not offically supported since we cannot test your console.
* We tested this unit on a standard stock Neo Geo + Neo-SD-Pro.  

This new NeoSD-PRO 5V PSU produces clean video and audio and is robust enough to run your NEOSD-PRO, or NeoSD-Standard and of course you can also run your official AES Cartridges.  This PSU is tested on a standard 5V Neo Geo and verified to produce clean video and audio.  The added current head room means your NeoSD-Pro will not reset or reboot on you as many users have reported and seen using the SNK OEM 5V3A power supply.  

* This NEW PSU produces a full 5VDC / full 4Amps  to meet the demand of the NEOSDPRO .
* Only for  5V Neo Geo Consoles.

How to know which power supply you need 5V or 9V.
This PSU is for LOW serial #Neo Geo consoles.
There are 2 basic checks you can do.

# 1. Look at the label under your console. if its says propow, propow2, propow-ul, then you need this 5V power supply.

#2, Some used consoles out there had the shell replaced so if you bought the neo geo 2nd hand, you want to check under the hood. Click the photo series to see images.

Open your console.
Look in the lower left below the power switch.
The 5V Neo Geo is missing the voltage regulator and the coil.  
If you see the voltage regulator, you have a 9V neo geo and need the propow3-psu.

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