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SuperGrafx PREMIUM PSU SSDS3-Support


This is RGC's SuperGrafx PSU with Super SD System 3  Support

Using our special Connector for this unit,  Our Super Grafx PSU is the best you will find.

Are you planning to use the new Super SD System 3 ?

Robust current rating means our SuperGrafx PSU can easily power your Super SD System 3 and SG.

To learn more about the Super SD System 3 , check out this link.

.. and this video..

Heavy duty cable stands up to use.
6ft cable
excellent Filtering for clean dc power which means clean video and sound.
Runs cool all day.
* Supports 100-240VAC 50/60hz  input (World compatible)
RGC's reliable design.

TRIO CHART PC-Engine Super SD System 3